6 foolproof limo hire tips for prom night

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A prom is a memorable event in your son or daughter’s life. It represents a significant milestone, which should be celebrated in style. For this reason, it only makes sense to consider limo hire services.

Limousines are the perfect vehicle that sufficiently matches the glamour and the style of the event. Why would you want your child to roll up in your family station wagon, when they can appear in style in a beautiful limousine? Surely they will love that, and you will do great to grant them this gift.

What to keep in mind?

  • 6 foolproof limo hire tips for prom nightBook in advance – if you think that you are the only parent with the idea of booking a limo for their child’s prom night, you are wrong. Many people get the same idea, and before you know it, companies will have zero availability on their fleets. To avoid this problem, you should book in advance. Often, you will need to call an entire month in advance or even earlier to ensure that you enlist the service.
  • Consider the size of the vehicle – always consider how many people will be involved in the event. Different companies offer different limousines, which can take between six or over 15 people in some cases. Your choice comes down to budget and preference: will you have friends of your children on board the limo as well, or will you just have some relatives there? Splitting the cost on a bigger limousine with friends can help to save money.
  • Ask for a referral – the best way to find a suitable limo company is to ask for trusted references. It could be anyone: a relative or some friend of yours who have used such services. If they were happy with the service provided, chances are you will be too.
  • Prom Night Limo HireSee the limo in person – it is one thing viewing photos on the internet, but it is different seeing the limo in person. It is wise to inspect the car and verify that what you get is what you are paying for. Ensure the amenities inside are as described too.
  • Insist on a contract – as you want to have peace of mind about your limo, you will do well to get details in writing. This should include everything from make, model and year of the limousine. Another essential feature of the contract is the price, which should consist of surcharge and gratuity. Inspect for a point on the company’s liability in the case of a vehicle breakdown or no show.
  • Know the cancellation policy – if there are any problems, there should be a cancel reservation in place. This is not all that uncommon, so you should ask about the company policy and get it in writing.

As long as you follow these tips, the prom limo experience will be a great success, and you will avoid any setbacks.

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