Privacy Policy

Information collected:

Privacy PolicyThe information that we collect is only the one which you willingly provide in our website when you place an order, fill out our online form for booking, a free quote or any form of request via our website.

When placing an order or during the process of registration, you will be asked for certain information such as your name, email address, physical address and phone number. However, you may always visit our website at any time without providing such information.

We would like to inform you that we use cookies, small files on the internet, which monitors activities on our website. It also serves ads on our website. You may always opt not to retain these cookies by making the necessary changes in your network privacy settings.

Information Utilization:

The information that we have gathered, which you have willingly provided, will be used to help us improve our website to provide better customer satisfaction through the services that we provide and customer experience when you visit our website. We also use the information which you have provided in sending you newsletters which we think may be helpful. If you wish to unsubscribe to our newsletters, you may do so by clicking unsubscribe push button at the bottom of every newsletter.

We also use your email address during the processing of your orders, information related to updates of your orders and information with regard to new services, products and company updates.

Information Protection:

We, at Fast Limo Hire, are determined to always protect all the information provided by our clients. We ensure that proper measures are implemented to secure the safety of all the information provided during the order process, order submission, online form submission and so on.

We use a secure server where we store all of the information gathered and all the files will be reserved for more than 60 days. Our clients may request for the deletion of all their files if desired.

Cookie Utilization:

Fast Limo Hire uses cookies which are little records that are moved to a computer’s hard drive via the browser used during access, provided that it has been allowed by the visitor. These cookies allow our site to be familiar with your browser, in any given instance, wherein you will revisit our website. These cookies will us monitor the activities of our visitors on our website and the site traffic as well. Through this procedure, we will be able to make the necessary changes on our website to better improve our customers’ experiences.

Third Party Groups or Organizations

We don’t disclose, sell or trade any of our client information to any third party organization excluding the third party group who are assisting us with our website operation, business transactions, service provider. These third party groups are mandated to keep all information confidential. We may also let go your details during certain cases where we need to obey with the law or site policy reinforcement.

We may sometimes include some third party links on the webpage who have their own privacy policies. We are, therefore, not liable for any of the information and the activities related to those third party links. However, we are willing to accept any feedback to protect our integrity.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at 020 3006 2092.