Follow these 5 steps to plan your birthday limo ride

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When it comes to limousines, you should know that you can easily acquire one for your birthday party, especially if it marks an essential milestone in your life. Regardless of the occasion is sweet 16, or maybe big 30, the event deserves all the planning and all of the memorable features you can give it.

Sharing a limousine ride with your closest friends and family members can be quite a memorable experience, especially on your birthday. If you wish to take full advantage of a limo hire service, you need to consider a few preparation tips. It is not difficult to plan a birthday limo, as long as you follow these simple tips: 

Choose your date and time carefullyFollow These 5 Steps To Plan Your Birthday Limo Ride

Usually, when people book limo hire services for a birthday, they aim to do so for the day of their birthday itself. And while that is perfectly fine and understandable, you should keep an open mind for other days as well. What you need to know is that evenings and weekends are usually quite busy for limousine companies. It would be wise to prepare with a backup date, just in case, the first one doesn’t work out. If a night ride doesn’t quite work out, maybe you can swap the time with a day one. 

Book your service well in advance

One of the most important things you should always consider when it comes to a birthday limo hire is to book in advance. If you expect to contact a limo company and have them prepare a limousine for you the next day, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. If you want to be sure that you will get a limo, you should book one a few weeks in advance. That is what a lot of people do, and you can expect to find limited availability with any limo company for this reason. This is especially true during peak season, such as when graduates celebrate prom, or in the summer, when a lot of couples decide to get married. 

Decide on how many people will be in the limousine

This one is essential as well. When you book a birthday limo, you want to have the exact count of people that will go on-board with you. Limousines come in different sizes. Some of the largest limousines, or so-called party buses, can go with ten or more people. On the other hand, some of the more traditional models have less capacity. You need to determine how many people will be with you so that you don’t end up in the embarrassing situation of not having enough space for all your guests. 

Invite your guestsBirthday Limo Hire Tips

It is a good idea to invite your guests personally and not just send them an email invitation. The goal is to get a precise estimate of how many people will come. This will help you plan out the limousine and book one that has enough space for you all. 

Make arrangements for food and drink

No party is complete without some food and drinks. Many limousine companies also offer catering services and will provide some food and liquid refreshments. What you can also do is ask the company whether you can bring the food and drinks yourself. Then you will want to keep the menu limo-appropriate. Some of the best picks include fruit, crackers, cheese, sushi. 

When you consider all of these tips for your birthday limo rental, you will have a wonderful time. 

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