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Limousines have become quite the common sight nowadays. You can expect to see them around conventions, major events, weddings, prom nights, even casually driving a group of party-focused friends around town.

One thing you cannot see as often are some of the most popular limousines throughout history. These vehicles are recognised by many people around the world, largely because for one reason or another they have had the spotlight on them for quite some time.

Here are a few examples of the most popular limousines ever created:

  • Most Popular LimosThe US president’s limousine – the US president, is a prominent figure and as such deserves a prominent vehicle. The presidential limousine – bearing the famous nickname ‘The Beast’ – is based on Chevrolet Kodiak. It has the chassis, transmission and diesel engine of that car. It also comes with a few notable upgrades. For one, it features doors with 8 inches of armour, bullet-proof windows as well as Kevlar run-flat tires. That is the visible part. It also comes with underside steel plating and is completely sealed, to withstand a chemical attack. To guarantee the safety of the President, it also comes with an arsenal of fire-fighting equipment, as well as some firepower. You probably won’t find yourself riding in the beast, but it sure is a spectacular vehicle.
  • Mercedes Benz 600 – the star of this automobile rose back in 1963, till 1981, when it was discontinued. However, during that time, it made some pop-culture appearances, such as becoming James Bond’s nemesis Ernst Blofeld vehicle of choice. It is not just fictional villains that have enjoyed this vehicle. Jack Nicholson, Jay Leno, Hugh Hefner, John Lennon, Elvis Presley and a lot more have – or still do – enjoyed the smooth ride that Mercedes provides.
  • Bentley State limo – this one was manufactured back in 2002 for one very special occasion – so that her Royal Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom along with other Commonwealth could celebrate 50 years on the throne as part of a special parade. Only 2 of these were ever produced. That doesn’t stop them from being such elegant and comfortable vehicles. It comes with features like thick armour, powerful engines capable of blasting the car forward at 130mph and lamb wool sateen for the ultimate backseat experience.
  • Top Limo News1961 Lincoln Continental – this limousine is notorious for its design, albeit it is rather unique at the time it was conceived back in the day because it was the one that saw the assassination of President John Kennedy. It was further used afterwards by Lyndon Johnson, after receiving much-needed improvements, like the heavily-armoured hardtop and titanium plating.
  • 1962 Phantom V Landau – one of the most famous entertainers in the world Wladziu Valentino made this vehicle famous during the 50s-60s of the 20th century. Many have had similar limousines, but this one, in particular, was converted to left-hand driving and given the appearance of a giant disco ball to complement its owner.

All of these vehicles are quite famous examples of the limousine-class. They are true legends, which have inspired many people to try limo hire services throughout the years. You too can!

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