Exploring the limousines of celebrities

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Celebrities may not have much in common, other than the fact that they are quite famous and perhaps the fact that so many of them like to use their own personal limousine. These splendid vehicles have a long-established connection with the rich and famous. They provide the class and style that celebrities need, to experience comfort and safety.

It should not come as a surprise that some of the limousines owned by famous celebrities are of particular interest. It is not possible to be a fan of this or that celebrity and not fall in love with their limousine. Some of their vehicles have earned themselves a place in the hall of fame and for a good reason: they are unforgettable!

Here are a few examples to get you to agree on this:

Exploring The Limousines Of Celebrities

  • John Lennon’s limo – at first, John Lennon got a new Rolls Royce back in 1965, which was all black. Black is like the golden standard of limousine vehicles. It embodies the class and style that such a vehicle portrays. However, John Lennon is not one to settle for mere standard. After a friendly suggestion from Ringo Starr, he painted the vehicle yellow. More importantly, he got various designs painted on the vehicle, most of which fall in the category of psychedelic, Romany-inspired. There is a story that at one time some woman attacked the car, yelling how could someone do such a thing to a Rolls Royce. Supposedly, the limo featured a record player, a large TV and even a double bed. When Lennon moved to the USA, he donated the car to a museum. It is still there, in Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Elvis Presley – the King rolled around in a 1963 Phantom V Touring. It was not an ordinary Phantom, however. This one had super-impressive features, such as air conditioning, electric windows, a microphone and even a car phone (which was amazing back in 1963). A funny thing is that this limousine was once attacked by chickens when the fowls saw their own reflections in the paint. Elvis owned the midnight-blue vehicle for 5 years before he donated it to a charity.
  • Kanye West & Kim Kardashian – according to the UK’s Daily Star, Kim and Kanye ordered a Chevrolet Kodiak limousine, which cost them about a quarter million pounds. After the birth of their daughter North, they got a Prombron Iron Diamond. This hijack-proof and a kidnap-proof vehicle has some of the best features in terms of safety.
  • Celebrities LimosWhitney Houston – the famous actress and singer, who passed back in 2012 owned a notable 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spur, which had an old-school TV and VCR, as well as a bar with silver glasses. These weren’t just for show, as they were used extensively for many of her daily activities over the years. Currently, the vehicle is on display in the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Barack Obama – perhaps one of the most famous limousines in the world belongs to ex-president Obama. He owns a specially-built Cadillac, which features the working parts of a Chevrolet Kodiak. Practically, a light truck with all sort of added safety features – armour plating, foam-sealed tank, puncture-resistant tyres and full cabin seal, in case of biological attack. Nicknamed the Beast, this limousine definitely makes for one of the most notable representatives of this class of vehicles.

All of these limousines are quite famous, not just because of their owners, but because of the celebrity-fit features they possess. It is a good thing that these vehicles are preserved, and you can actually see them for what they were.

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